Golf Course Aerial Shot

Are you ready to take your project off the ground ?

Social Media Content

We capture stunning aerial footage from your property and create exciting eye catching social media content that can be used in various platforms. 

Estate Agencies, Hotels, Golf Courses,  Outdoor Activity Organisers  and many others are taking advantage of our services. 

Sports Photography / Videography

Capture your sports event in a different angle.

We can safely track and follow fast moving objects and people over land or water.


Capture your big day with footage and photos from the sky and create memories that will last forever.

Aerial Inspection

Provide inspection or survey footage of buildings, farm land and other structures that would otherwise be costly, timing consuming and difficult to access. 

Construction / Estate Agencies 

Drone footage is proven to be an essential tool when selling a property. Aerial photos and videos will give the buyer a better perspective of the location and property overall.

Also extremely useful in tracking the progress of small and large projects with weekly aerial footage.

Large Events

Flying up to 400ft we can definitely catch a bigger picture of your event.


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