Frequently asked questions

Is Aerial Image Solutions Limited licensed by the CAA ?

Yes. Aerial Image Services Limited has the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) “Permission for Commercial Operations” PfCO which means as a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) we are governed and regulated by the CAA. The Civil Aviation PfCO is mandatory for anyone flying drones for commercial use in the UK.

Is Aerial Image Solutions Limited Insured ?

Absolutely. Aerial Image Solutions Limited are fully insured against injury and damage for each flight with £1million public liability to fly at altitudes of up to 400 feet.

What's your hourly rate ?

We do not charge an hourly rate. Many independent drone operators will include travel time, breaks, and more when determining a final price. We eliminate that uncertainty and unnecessary stress by billing only the amount you are originally quoted.

Can i buy only one photo / video ?

Absolutely, book a free consultation to discuss your project.


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